A New Standard for Hair Dryer!
JMW Hair Dryer has adopted the BLDC motor for the first time in the world
to implement top-notch technology

Our hair dryers equipped with the BLDC motor generate strong wind twice more powerful than
common hair dryers and help reducing hair drying time so as to enable quick styling.

Cold Air that Reduces
Hair Damage
The Cold Air 7˚C lower than that of other
brand products helps protect hair from
damage, and anions generated by our
dryers keep your hair strong and healthy.
Cold Wind that Reduces Hair Damage
Eco-friendly Green Motor
Block the harmful substances that were
generated in existing dryers and increased
the energy efficiency by more than 80%
by using BLDC motor.
Eco-friendly Green Motor
Static Electricity Reduction
& Anions Touch
Abundant anions generated by our dryers
can help protect your hair from damage
and reduce static electricity.
Lower Static Electricity & Touch of Anions
Electromagnetic Waves
Considering the long-term exposure of the
human body to electromagnetic waves, we
block electromagnetic waves and thought
about the health of the user.
Electromagnetic Waves Blocking Function
Heater-related Accident
Prevention System
The double safety system utilizing bimetal
and thermal fuse prevents electric heater-
related accidents.
Heater-related Accident Prevention System
Customized Grip
Our ergonomically designed products
minimize the fatigue of your hands
even after a long time of use.
Customized Grip
BLDC Motor Core Technology
To make Differentiation
The BLDC motor is the core technology required for
the high-precision equipment such as aircrafts, laser printers,
air conditioners and washing machines.
Unlike the motor that consists of brush and commutator that make changes
in rotor stimulation, the BLDC motor has a controller (transmission) that plays
the role of brush and commutator, which helps reduce the heat generated from
rotary friction and provides semi-permanent lifespan without the
need to replace worn brush.

The Core BLDC Motor Technology

The final technology for your hair!
Experience all technologies for hair iron,
with JMW hair irons.

JMW hair irons are equipped with ceramic heater that keeps temperature at a consistent level and improves temperature recovery
time during styling, thereby minimizing hair damage and enabling perfect styling.

Soft Sliding
The ceramic coating heating plate offers
soft sliding experience and generates far
infrared rays to protect hair from damage.
Soft Sliding
Moving Heating Plate
The utilization of the cushion and tilting
functions helps minimize hair-pulling and
enables even heat distribution to hair,
offering the optimal styling environment.
Moving Heating Plate
Fast Warm-up & Consistent Temperature
Our products have adopted ceramic heater
and the MICOM control system that reduce
initial warm-up time and speed up
temperature during recovery time!
Fast Warm-up & Consistent Temperature
360 degrees Rotating Cord
Our products use flexible 360 degrees-
rotating cord that is hardly twisting at
any angle or from any direction,
which allows maximization of the
product lifespan.
360 degrees Rotating Cord
Double Safety System
The double safety system utilizing bimetal
and thermal fuse prevents electric
heater-related accidents.
Heater-related Accident Prevention System
Glamorous Hair Styling
You can complete your favorite hair styling
with just one touch by our product that
enables you to style your hair glamorously
and freely.
Glamorous Hair Styling