12 Launched new hair oil brand ‘ROATTI’

09 - Wins Brand of the Year 2023 in the sector of Hair dryer (6 years in a row)
- Launched hair dryer ‘AIR FLIP’

06 Launched hair dryer ‘M5001A PLUS PRO’

05 - Launched professional hair iron ‘SIGNATURE MAGIC’
- Launched men’s perm ‘URBAN DOWN PERM’

03 Launched professional hair dryer ‘POWER air’

02 Launched perm support ‘PPT_ADVANCED ENHANCER’


12 Launched professional hair dryer ‘AIR STORM Special Edition’

10 Launched hair curling iron ‘curling ON’

09 Wins Brand of the Year 2022 in the sector of Hair dryer (5 years in a row)
Launched hair dryer ‘AIR SHOOTING’

08 Launched hair curling iron ‘Poly Curl’

07 Launched hair dryer ‘AIR LUNA’

01 Launched hair dryer ‘AIR One’


07 Released LED hair dryer "LUMI AIR" on TV CF

06 Launched Hair Oil "Silk Wear" for professianal

05 Released NEW Hair Color Line "Melos" for professional

04 Launched Hair Dyer "AIR MOTION"

03 Launched compact & Light hair Iron Style On

02 Launched compact Dryer "COMFIT, AIR ART, AIR B"

01 Wins Brand of the Year 2020-2021 in the "Hair Dryers" category
[Korean Customers Council]


01 -Sold over 1 milion BLDC motor hair dryers
-Released hair dryer Home Shopping boradcast
-Selected Good Design Winner for product design


01 Wins Brand of the Year 2019 in the “Hair Dryers” category
[Korean Customers Council]


07 Wins Brand of the Year 2018 in the “Hair Dryers” category [Korean Customers Council]

03 Launches Hair Colorant “BRILLIN”
Launches scalp protector “SCALP SECURE”


12 Launches hair clipper & trimmer “Flex pro”
Launches hair dryer “Nouveau”

11 Launches hair dryer “Air Jet White Edition”

10 Launches styling line “Opuntia Strong Fixer”

09 Ranks No. 1 on the Brand Customer Satisfaction Index 2017 [Korean Marketing Association]

08 Launches hair treatment product “Energy Lifting Care Essential Treatment”
Launches hair oil “Shine Flow”

07 Launches hair dryer “Phantom Prime”; Is aired on GS Home Shopping channel
Launches hair dryer “Max Classic”; Is aired on T-Commerce channel

06 Launches styling line “Opuntia Hard Wax”

05 Launches cleansing shampoo “ON COOLING”

04 Launches hair dryers “Phantom” and “Air Jet”

03 Launches cleansing shampoo “On Clean” & “On Rich”

01 Launches digital steam perm machine “ATRO STEAM”


11 Launches hair iron “Black Shine Texture & Volume”
Obtains CE & RoHS certifications

08 Launches multi-perm chemicals “COCO PERM”
Wins 2016 Korea Leading Company Award in New Technology for two years in a row [Money Today]

05 Launches professional hair iron “Black Shine”
Launches styling line “Opuntia”
Launches hair dryer “MAX”

03 Launches premium heat perm chemicals “AQUA FEEL”

02 Launches complete waterproof iron “NST Waterproof”


10 Launches hair dryer “Air Storm”

09 Launches hair dryer “Air Fit”

08 Wins 2016 Korea Leading Company Award in New Technology [Money Today]

05 Launches wall-mounted hair heater “ATRO Wing”

03 Launches hair dryer “Monster tornado”


10 Launches styling dryer “SD7001A”

09 Launches HALOKEY Perm Chemicals Line
Launches KAMISHU Clinic Line

08 Launches hair dryer “HM 5010A”

07 Launches NST iron “W6014MB”

03 Launches wall-mounted hair dryer “DM20”
Launches wall-mounted & standing hair dryers “DS20”

01 Launches straight-line hair dryers “I50 Series”


12 Launched M50 Limited Edition Dryer
Released of Iron W80 Limited Edition

10 Launched ATRO wing for hair

09 Launched Brush Iron Raleigh Homeshopping

05 Launched DM10 Mini Dryer

04 Mini-dryer DS10 (mini pop) released

01 Released Brush Iron Raleigh Light


12 Released DM50 Series
Released DS30 Dual Voltage
Released M50 Limited Edition

10 Released DM60 Series

08 Launched of Brush Iron Raleys 18mm

06 Acquired intertek and proceeded to export to USA

05 2012 Beauty Award Grand Prize [Esthetica]

02 Launched M70 Series

01 Selected as an excellent company brand in Seoul [Hi Seoul]


11 Selected as the Grand Prize for the brand chosen by the consumers [Hankyoung.com]
Launched hair iron W6001A

06 Launched S3001A hair dryer
Patent registration [1039635]

05 Utility model registration [0453607]

03 Released mini-iron W10 Series

02 Utility model registration [0452199]
2010 Beauty Brand Grand Prize [Esthetica]

01 Launched the hair iron W50 Series


11 Acquired PSE certification and exported to Japan

09 Launched M30 Series
Launched the hair iron W80 Series

02 Launched M50 Series


12 Patent registration [0935158]

10 Selected AMA Excellence Brand

09 Launched M80 Series
Launched of Hair Iron W70 Series

07 Patent registration [0906740]

06 Opened Seoul office


04 Patent application for BLDC motor rotating fan coupling device

02 Registered utility model [428427]


12 Changed the name of JMW corporation

05 Patent registration [716237]


11 Awarded $ 10 million Export Tower

08 Registration of 3 utility models [423672, 423675, 424283]


11 Awarded the $ 3 Million Export Tower


05 Establishment Ki-Hwa corporation